The Amalfi coast is one of the most visited places in the world, thanks to its incredible views overlooking the sea, with its crystal clear sea, its culinary and craft traditions, to urban and suggestive reception reserved for foreign tourists and Italians.

The tour departs to the discovery of Amalfi, one of the four Maritime Republics, characterized by a maze of streets full of craft shops and a cluster of houses set in the rock and overlooking the sea.
Striking the Duomo, the bell tower and the Cloister of Paradise located in the center of the square and among the most visited places of the Coast Catholic worship.

The tour continues to the discovery of two other pearls of Positano and Ravello Coast.
The charm of Positano is quite unique, from houses perched on the rock and framed by small alleys that lead to the beach, to restaurants and craft shops. And then Ravello offers its two famous villas, Rufolo and Cimbrone, with panoramic views of the sea and immersed in an oasis of rare beautiful shades garden.

Do not miss a relaxing break to enjoy the delicacies of the sound of bells and experience Neapolitan tradition.

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